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Physical & Functional Job Analysis

Physical and functional job analysis

We can compose a detailed physical job description manual, describing the physical demands the employee has to meet for each individual role.

By observing the worker in the particular role we analyse what physical stresses the worker faces in this role. This analysis helps not only to identify risk area’s , but also enables the employer to:
  • Job specific pre-employment screening: The manual identifies the physical demands of the specific job. These demands can be specifically tested during the pre-employment and enables informed recruiting of new employees
  • Injury prevention: First of all by addressing the identified risk areas, but also due to better informed hiring of new staff.
  • Make informed decision for suitable duties for return to work plans: The manual will specify the physical demands of each task. This will enable the employer to make informed decisions regarding suitable work duties within the workers medical restrictions.
  • Educate employees regarding the required fitness for work.
  • Enforce safe lifting / pushing / pulling and carrying limits and regulations.

In-depth examination of work requirements

An in depth examination of the work requirements are conducted. The role is split up in separate tasks, coupled to the frequency and duration of each task and the environment in which it takes place. Included are some of the following factors:
  • Sitting, standing, walking and driving
  •  Spinal mobility: looking up and down, twisting and bending down
  •  Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and reaching
  •  Specific tool use and required grip strength, hand finger dexterity
  •  Climbing ladders, stairs and working at heights
  •  Crouching, kneeling and crawling

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