Our team of physiotherapists at ProgressPhysiotherapy Services can provide you with a range of services.

Physiotherapy:  We offer a combination of hands on therapy with exercise prescription. Our intervention is aimed at pain relief, but also long term strategies to prevent reoccurrence. 


Dry Needling: Our physiotherapists are trained in dry needling. This modality helps relieving trigger points in tight and tense muscles. 

Real Time Ultra Sound assessment: During this assessment the client is trained in controlling postural / core muscles by providing them with visual feedback. It is a very effective way of providing clients with the feedback to ensure they are doing the exercises to strengthen the core muscles correctly. 

Orthotics: Heat mouldable orthotics can be fitted to those who suffer from foot pain, leg pain or other complaints relating to the foot position.

Splinting equipment: For those suffering from elbow, hand, finger or thumb injuries, we offer a service to tailor a splint specific to a person’s needs, using mouldable thermoplastic material.

Jaw pain: For those who experience jaw pain, clicking jaw or stiffness in the jaw, we offer specific treatment to solve these problems.

Corporate physiotherapy services: We offer a range of corporate physiotherapy services, ranging from pre-employment musculoskeletal screens, work station assessments and on-site physiotherapy treatment clinics. Please see the corporate section for more information.