Workplace Assessment

Workplace Assessment

During a workstation review the physiotherapist assesses the work environment based on a list of ergonomic guidelines. Besides this ergonomic assessment we also provide the employee with personal posture eduction and a stretch exercise program to further minimise the risk of sustaining an injury at work.


Basic ergonomic guidelines for a computer workstation

1. Chair: Adjust the height of your chair so your upper legs are parallel to the floor. Adjust the back support so your back is firmly supported and angled slightly backward while your feet are fully supported on the floor or a footrest.

2. Keyboard: The height for your new ergonomic keyboard system, and any other input device, such as a mouse, should be set so your hands, wrists and forearms are in a straight line and are level with your elbows when your arms are comfortably at your sides.

3. Monitor: The top of the monitor screen should be even with your forehead and directly in front of you. Your eyes should focus on the screen at a slight ( about 15 to 30 degrees) downward angle.