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ICE Compression Therapy

Game Ready - ICE Compression Therapy in Bunbury

ICE Compression Therapy provides optimal therapeutic benefits following injury or surgery and is often recommended by physicians and surgeons for post-operative care. For athletes, it is often also used as an effective tool for a quick recovery in returning to play your chosen sport

What is ICE compression therapy?

ICE Compression Therapy is a dual action wrap that provides cryotherapy and intermittent compression. Together these actions act to reduce fluid and limit bleeding within the joint that can cause pain and swelling.

At a tissue level blood vessels’ constrict and fluid outflow into the tissue space is reduced, while cryotherapy reduces the white blood cells which migrate to the injury or surgery site reducing their release of inflammatory chemicals. These actions also help to slow down the conduction of pain nerve signals in combination all these therapeutic benefits can greatly reduce pain and swelling and lessen the need for pain relief medications.

Interested in ICE compression therapy?

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Game Ready – ICE Compression Therapy and how it may assist you. (Doctors referrals not required)

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