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Real Time Ultrasound Assessment

What is a Real Time Ultrasound Assessment?

Real Time Ultrasound is very helpful in the retraining of the deep low back muscles (Multifidus) , the deep abdominal muscles (Transverse Abdominus) and the pelvic floor muscles.

Why do Real Time Ultrasound assessments?

Real Time Ultrasound provides the physiotherapist and client with live visual feedback of the function of the deep muscles such as the pelvic floor, the deep abdominals and the deep low back muscles. The feedback enables the physiotherapist to check if the exercises have the desired effect and improves the client’s ability to stabilise the lower spine area.

Pain management clinics may require the real time ultrasound training of the low back musculature prior to treatments such as facet joint injections.

Specialist doctors or surgeons may require training of the pelvic floor musculature using real time ultrasound for the treatment of incontinence or after treatment for certain cancers.

At Progress Physiotherapy you can book for a specialised real time ultrasound assessment. We may need you to drink water 45 mins before the consult to ensure your bladder is full so please let us know when booking for your real time ultrasound appointment.

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