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Rehabilitation for all injuries

The right advice to get you back on track

From stage 1 (just injured or just had surgery) to stage 5 recovery (full return to work sport and all normal activities) Progress has the facilities to take you from start to finish

The 5 stages of rehabilitation

Stage 1 – often swelling management, pain control, bracing or taping, crutches or walker boot, advice about rest and ice.

Stage 2 – out of the sling, off the crutches…. Start moving – but carefully with guided load management.

Stage 3 – Work on your strength, build back up the muscles.

Stage 4 – Endurance, Mobility, Agility, Balance and proprioception, Power, Movement control and co-ordination, Speed and Jumping if required.

Stage 5 – Return to sport (running, netball, football, hockey, soccer, swimming, basketball….) or full work duties (lifting, climbing, driving, reaching, pushing, pulling, gripping, bending, kneeling….), or full leisure activities (golf or fishing, sewing or hiking………)

Are you ready for a happier, healthier you?

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