Welcome to Progress Physiotherapy

At Progress Physiotherapy, we’ll help you to recover quickly from injury, discomfort, disability, or pain.

Many of our patients at Progress Physiotherapy endure back and neck pain. We can help you in all areas of post-surgery rehabilitation, treat work injuries, arthritic pains, joint injuries and muscle strains.

Sports such as netball, football, basketball and golf can cause injuries to ankles and knees, shoulders and other areas – physiotherapy is a valuable tool to get your body back on track.

The right advice to get you back on track fast

We’ll advise you what activities to avoid, and for how long, plus instruct you on the right exercises that’ll encourage recovery and help avoid any future recurrence.

We also stock a large range of equipment to compliment your physiotherapy and help you recover your strength and fitness so you can return to work, sport or, other activities, as soon as possible.

Rehabilitate with Group Classes

We create tailored programs to suit your individual needs.  Book one-on-one sessions or participate in a group class with physiotherapists who understand your physical requirements.

Our physiotherapists also effectively treat chronic conditions such as muscle cramps, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and more with Dry Needling.

With a Real-Time Ultrasound  Assessment, Progress Physiotherapy can assist you with control of the lumbar spine stabilising muscles providing relief from low back pain and leading to a more complete recovery.


Working with local businesses for happier, healthier employees

Our  Corporate Physiotherapy Services include the provision of on-site treatment clinics, manual handling training, workplace / station assessment, Corporate health and fitness programs, Emergency Response Team (ERT) training and more.

With our proactive approach to workplace safety and injury management, local businesses are benefitting from happier, healthier employees, increased production, and reduced workplace injuries that lead to less Worker’s Compensation Claims and lower insurance premiums.

At Progress Physiotherapy we:

  • Offer treatment for all ages from children to pensioners.
  • Accept referrals from doctors for private patients and also motor vehicle accident and workers compensation claims and NDIS case planners.
  • Receive HICAPS payments from all health funds but you can still attend Physiotherapy even if none of these apply to you.

Right in the heart of Bunbury

Progress Physiotherapy is conveniently located on the corner of Spencer and Cross Streets, Bunbury with ample off street parking.

Contact Us today and let our dedicated team of physiotherapists assist you.